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New Post on Digital Lumens blog

I posted a new entry on the Digital Lumens blog today about how energy efficiency investments must make financial sense.  There is a lot of 'green washing' that happens today when cool green ideas get a lot of hype because of their potential.  But, to get a customer to buy something, the product has to make financial sense right now.  Very few customers, particularly business customers, will make an uneconomic decision in the name of going green.  But, if you can tie strong economic benefits to strong 'green' benefits, you have a winner.  Energy efficiency is an obvious candidate because the energy savings can deliver a strong ROI.  But, the returns have to be pretty high to offset the upfront costs.  We've done that at Digital Lumens, and we try not to get too caught up on the 'green' side without keeping our eye on dollars and cents.


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