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Small can be big

I'm a big fan of the TED talk videos.  There are some great ones.

Today's video really resonated with me.  Rory Sutherland talks about how we often focus on really big and expensive solutions rather than small ones that have a big impact.  The talk has many examples and is both provocative and interesting.

I think that attention to detail is becoming a lost art.  In our multi-tasking world, it's harder to focus on the small things that really impact the user.  When you are defining a product or procedure, you really have to concentrate, sometimes to an excruciating degree, on small details.  Little details, small amounts of polish, shortening procedures, making directions clearer, and really understanding user behavior all can have a big impact.  And, most of these things don't cost much money.  They take time and attention.

Enjoy the video.  And then, go think about how you can improve your product or service with a few small, high-impact changes.



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