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Shining a Light on the Next Chapter

After considering several very interesting opportunities, I am thrilled to announce that I have accepted the position of VP of Sales and Marketing at Digital Lumens.  I begin working there immediately.  I'm thrilled!

As is the case with many great opportunities, Digital Lumens has a combination of a great product aimed at a very exciting market, a strong team, and very solid and reliable financial backing.  I worked with CEO Tom Pincince before, at New Oak Communications.  It's great to join a team where you already know someone.  Working with Tom again was a strong factor in joining Digital Lumens.

But, the most compelling parts of the opportunity are the product and market.  Digital Lumens is the developer of the first Intelligent Lighting System (TM), combining an efficient LED lighting source, networking, and management software into an industrial light system that delivers 100% of the light for only 10% of the energy.  This is a compelling ROI for warehouses and factory floors where lighting is a significant portion of operating costs.

Commerical lighting is a multi-billion dollar market, and we are at the start of a major focus on improving the energy efficiency of commercial lighting.  The government is providing significant support and is encouraging the adoption of technology like Digital Lumens to reduce the load on utilities.  Many utilities also offer rebates to industrial customers who retrofit their facilities with more energy efficient light fixtures.

By cutting lighting energy costs by up to 90%, customers can realize a strong return on investment and see lower operating expenses right away.  And, for refrigerated warehouses, the energy efficient LEDs give off less heat, lowering the costs of additional cooling required to compensate for the heat given off by the lighting.

You can read more about Digital Lumens products on the web site, or read our blog to keep up to date.

As for The Fein Line, I'll continue to write about entrepreneurship, venture capital, sports, politics, and anything else that interests me.  And, I'll comment from a full-circle perspective, from entrepreneur to VC and back to entrepreneur.


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Congratulations Mike, I am sure it will be a great opportunity for you and the company!


Sounds exciting -- good luck!

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