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Gatz: Get the jump on New York

Although shows are selling out quickly, it's not too late to go see each of the shows of the ART's Shakespeare Exploded festival: Best of Both Worlds (closing January 3, 2010), Sleep No More (closing February 7, 2010), and The Donkey Show (continued through the summer, 2010).  All three of these shows have received fantastic audience and critical acclaim.  The ART web site has lots of links to reviews of each of these shows.

Starting right on the heels of Shakespeare Exploded is our next festival, America: Boom, Bust, and Baseball:

America: Boom, Bust and Baseball explores the hopes, disappointments, and triumphs of the past American century from the roaring twenties to the Great Depression to the Boston Red Sox's stunning 2004 World Series victory. We begin with the boom - Gatz brings every word of Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby to life in this once-in-a-lifetime marathon theatrical experience. The bust is Clifford Odets' Paradise Lost, a powerful drama about an American family that loses everything in the throes of economic crisis. Spring is baseball season, and we'll be staging the world premiere of JOHNNY BASEBALL, The New Red Sox Musical, an exhilarating new musical that explores the source of the infamous Curse and the secret to its end by blending fiction, fact, and the mystical power of the game.

Gatz is up first, starting on January 7.  It's a big deal as there have been some issues around having the rights to perform it.  It will end up in NYC, but this is a chance to see it first.  Gatz is a theater marathon -- six hours, split into two parts, each with its own intermission.  I'll see both parts on January 16th and will post a review after that.  You can see the two parts on different days if you prefer.  Reviews of previous productions of Gatz are here.  The ART is partnering with Elevator Repair Service on this production, too.

Gatz sounds really interesting:

One morning in the low-rent office of a mysterious small business, one employee finds a ragged old copy of The Great Gatsby in the clutter of his desk and starts to read it out loud. And doesn't stop.

At first his coworkers hardly seem to notice, but then weird coincidences start happening in the office, one after another, until it's no longer clear whether he's reading the book or the book is doing something to him. . . .

We all know that Boston beats NY on most things (except in baseball this year).  So, beat all your New York friends and go see Gatz during its run in Cambridge.

PS - If you are Twitterer, you can read The Great Gatsby 140 characters at a time.


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