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Up and Down Season for the Pats so far

As you might know, I've been doing a week-by-week bet on the Patriots.  Each week, I've found a fan of the Patriots' opponent who was willing to bet with me on the game versus the point spread.  The loser has to change their Facebook profile photo to one showing the winning team's cap.  Ideally, it should be an actual photo of the loser wearing the cap.  Here are the results so far:

vs. Buffalo Bills - Patriots win the game at the end but lose versus the point spread.  My friend Bob takes small consolation in the 'win' and lets me just display a cap photo due to my business travel that week.

vs. New York Jets - Patriots lose the game as favorites, sealing my doom.  Bruce gloats and gloats.

vs. Atlanta Falcons - Patriots play well and win.  My friend Anil displays a Patriots hat for a week.

vs. Baltimore Ravens - Patriots play their best game to date.  Another win.  My new Facebook friend Kelly is a good sport.

vs. Denver Broncos - Patriots play poorly in second half and lose in overtime.  I slink into Lids to take my picture with a Broncos cap, although the way this year is going, maybe I should invest in the company instead.

Overall, the Patriots offense has been the disappointment.  The defense, when they aren't on the field too much, has played well enough.  The offense has missed many opportunities.  That certainly hurt against the Broncos.  And, they were anemic vs. the Jets.  Luckily, after all of their opponents so far have been undefeated, their next two oppontents are currently winless.  A good blowout or two would be great for the Patriots.

Thanks to my new Facebook friend Ned for taking the bet on behalf of the disappointing Titans this week.  Go Pats!


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Okay Mike, according to VegasInsider.com the current line says Pats winners (-12) and 46.5 O/U. All vegas spreads aside,I'll bet the Dolphins to win by 3 and I choose the Over. BTW, I never did Thank you for the kind invite to attend this game LIVE, so I wanted you to know that I appreciate the invite very much but of course Corey's send off dinner has to be my priority.

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