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A word for our "sponsors"

It's not secret that this has been a tough economic climate, particularly for raising money for an investment fund.  Luckily, we're starting to see some positive signs.  Some investors are still very tight for cash, but others are opportunisitcally making commitments.  This has been coupled with an improving economic environment.  We're not back to euphoria, but I think that most people think that we have at least bounced off the bottom.

At Sempre, we've been lucky to get great support from several partners who have helped us along while we are in a start-up phase.  I'm overdue for publicly thanking and recommending them.

Foley Hoag and their Emerging Enterprise Center in Waltham, MA -- Foley Hoag is our law firm, but they are also gracious hosts for our offices.  There are so many industry events at the Emerging Enterprise Center that you could probably meet most of the Boston-area high-tech industry just by hanging out here.  And, the attorneys at Foley are very interested in working with entrepreneurs.  They have an interesting blog as well, with interesting insights for entrepreneurs from the legal perspective.  If you need a law firm for your company, Foley is a great place to go.

Delta Capital Partners and Mark Duffy have been great partners of ours in managing the back-office side of Sempre.  They are very experienced and flexible.  It's critical for start-ups to have part-time and experienced resources to round out their team.  Mark has worked like he is part of our team, bringing his considerable experience to the internal side of Sempre.

Rebecca Fagan of Fagan Design has helped us maintain a professional look to our materials and web site.  There's not much there yet, but you can check out her considerable body of work here.  Rebecca is efficient and flexible.  She's also sensitive to tight budgets, able to scale up her efforts if budgets allow and make practical trade-offs when they don't.

We're working with the Boston office of KPMG for our audit and tax filings.  They won't be doing a lot until we're really up and running, but they've already provided great advice and some valuable introductions.

Most start-ups get some help and sponsorship from their vendors.  Don't forget to thank them and, if possible, refer some additional business to them to reward them for betting on you.


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