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The Pats are 1-1, but I am 0-2


I've been making weekly bets on the Patrios games, vs. the point spread.  So far, I've lost them both.  The Pats just barely beat Buffalo as big favorites (11 points).  And, they lost to the Jets while being favored by 3 1/2 points.  As the loser, I've been updating my Facebook and Twitter profile photos with pictures featuring the winning team's caps.  I was traveling immediately after the Buffalo game, so I only had a photo of the cap.  Today I actually bought a Jets cap (not easy to find in Boston) and took this photo.  No one said I had to smile!

I've got a bet on with another friend for the Falcons game this Sunday.  I am still in search of a Baltimore Ravens fan for a bet on the October 4th game.  Let me know if you want to take up this bet with me.  I'm a glutton for punishment, I guess.

I've been disappointed with how the Patriots have played so far, but there is room for some optimism.  I think that their offense has underperformed more than their defense, and it's easier to imagine the offense playing a lot better.  So, they should improve, although they games may turn into shootouts.

The next two games, vs. Atlanta and Baltimore, are at home.  These games will define their season.  These are two good teams, both undefeated so far.  If the Patriots play well and win, they can consider themselves a good team, too.  If not, it will be puzzling mediocrity.


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