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Putting Your Hat Where Your Mouth Is

Football season is about to start.  And, hope springs eternal for most fans.  Things look good for my New England Patriots, although questions remain about their defense.

I've started to arrange a series of bets relating to the Patriots games this season.  For each game, I will make a bet with one person, using the point spread, for the Patriots.  The loser will have to wear the winning team's hat in their online profile (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) for one week.  I'll post the results (and the pictures) each week.

I've got someone to take this bet for Week #1 vs. the Buffalo Bills and Week #2 vs. the New York Jets.  I am on the lookout for a Falcons fan and a Ravens fan for Weeks #3 and #4.  If you are interested in taking on a bet for those weeks, let me know.

Go Pats!


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