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It's the Future

After all my invitations to The Donkey Show, I have to provide a review after the show.  See also this piece in Sunday's Boston Globe describing the production.

My friend, Kevin, said it best as we were boogieing on stage at the end of the show.  I asked him if he liked The Donkey Show.  He said "It's the future."  And, I think that Diane Paulus has shown us what the future of theater is like.  It's more of an experience than just a play.  At a play, you sit quietly in your seats and applaud politely at the end of each act.  Maybe you stand and clap at the end.  And, it's all very nice.

That has nothing in common with The Donkey Show.  The show starts out on the street where the characters give you a glimpse of what will go on inside Club Oberon while you wait in line to get in.  When you enter the night club, you can do some disco dancing with more of the cast while you have a drink or two.  At some point, it segues into the start of the show.  Although the plot isn't very heavy, it parallels Midsummer Night's Dream.  But, it isn't Shakespeare.  Most of the lines are straight out of disco song lyrics.

The place to see the show is from the dance floor.  These are 'standing room' tickets, but no one stands still.  Not only do you end up dancing along to the disco standards, but you have to move around as the show happens around you.  The actual play was probably only 75 minutes long, but everyone stayed to dance with cast for quite a while afterwards.  I'm probably the last guy you'd expect to be disco dancing on stage, but, since there is photographic evidence somewhere, I'll have to admit to it.

The Donkey Show is something you experience.  It's more like a concert than a play, although there is very good acting.  The characters keep it going, from before the show starts to the dancing afterwards.  I'm definitely going back, and I'm bringing more friends with me.  Don't forget to bring your camera.  Taking pictures is encouraged!

Tonight I was on the dance floor.  And, although we have reserved seats for another date, I'm going to exchange them for dance floor tickets.  Like a good club, the action doesn't stop on the dance floor.  You won't want to miss it.


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