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Xobni Goes Pro

I infrequently write about products on this blog.  I don't want to get inundated by PR people hoping that I mention their product.  I get enough of that already.  But, there is a product I have been using that I do want to mention.  I've got no connection to the company other than as a user and, now, a paying customer.

Xobni (that's the word 'inbox' backwards) is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook.  If you use Outlook to read your email, Xobni is pretty much essential.  The free version has a ton of features and they just announced a Pro version, which I purchased today.

So, what is Xobni?  Xobni integrates with Outlook and indexes all of your email messages.  It pulls out all of the email addresses and lets you search your email by any of the words in the messages or the names or email address of the senders or recipients.  It can also do this with your online Yahoo mail, integrating those results with your Outlook search results.  It shows you who all the people are who are in email exchanges with any of your contacts.  And, it lets you pull up all the email threads or attachments from these search results.  In addition, it integrates with Facebook and LinkedIn to show you the profiles of any of your email contacts.  It's super fast and very reliable.  I've been using it since its Beta period, and have had a couple of technical issues along the way.  The product includes extensive diagnostics that allow their support staff to resolve problems very quickly.  The current version is 1.8.

The Pro version is worth the price if you live in your Outlook email as I do.  It adds several new features, but the two that got me to buy it are 1) using all the email addresses in the Xobni index in the auto complete feature that Outlook uses to guess the email address you want when compsing a message, and 2) indexing your calendar appointments in addition to everything else.  It costs $25.95 for your first machine and just $9.95 for each additional machine.  If you have multiple users, they have volume user discounts, too.

Xobni is for you if you often find yourself trying to dig up that old email that you can't quite remember when it was sent or who sent it.  Or, if you want to come up with the older emails that form the conversation thread with the message you just received.  Or, you want to find all the documents that you and another user have exchanged.  Once I started using it, it just became part of how I work with my email.  Frankly, I'm surprised that Microsft hasn't bought these guys yet.

Xobni seems to be the kind of company I like.  Their product is full of features, integrates and installs cleanly, is very reliable, and has great support.  The free version is really great and useful on its own.  If you use Outlook, you really should give it a try.


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