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Hilarious, but not for the Politically Correct

Last night I went to the opening of David Mamet's Romance at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge (disclaimer:  I am on the ART's Advisory Board).

This play made me laugh more than I have at the theater in a long time.  It was an outrageous depiction of a court room.  There isn't much of a story, more like an evolving situation.  But, the play makes fun of some of our institutions as well as our own biases and tendency to try to be politically correct.  If you take pride in being politically correct, you'll be offended.  The play goes out of its way to offend just about everyone.  And, that's the point.  We all have aspects of our life that aren't totally correct.  So, we should be careful before we criticize others.

The acting was fantastic.  Wll LeBow plays the judge.  His comedic timing was excellent.  He got the most laughs.  If you are a fan of The Wire on HBO, you'll recognize Jim True-Frost, who played Prez on that series.  Overall, the show really highlights the strength of the ART's acting company.

If you want to spend 90 minutes laughing at our society's political correctness, you'll enjoy Romance.  Laughing at the ethnic jokes is a guilty pleasure.  Luckily, just about everyone gets theirs during the show.


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