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Doing Well at Doing Good

I've written about good2gether before, but they have some big news today.  But first, some background on the company.  Here are some problems worth solving:

Suppose you are a non-profit organization that is struggling to connect with users over the Web because you don't have a media budget.

Suppose you are a local destination site (often associated with the local newspaper) that is looking for unique, sticky content that you can monetize

Suppose you are a consumer brand that wants to associate yourself with good causes to create a positive impression with your customers.

Good2gether solves all these problems.  They provide an online presence for non-profits who can post information about their organizations, events, and volunteering opportunities at no charge.  Good2gether arranges distribution of this content through high-traffic local destinations sites (such as dogood.boston.com).  These sites are happy to give this content premium placement because they can sell sponsorships to this content.  Leading brands buy these sponsorships to improve their brand image.  And, this sponsorship revenue is split between the destination site and good2gether.  Eveyrone wins, and no one loses.

On the good2gether blog today, they announced that they have now partnered with USA Today to create dogood.usatoday.com.  This gives good2gether and their non-profit partners nationwide reach to complement their list of local partners.  The company has done a great job with a very modest amount of capital.

Congratulations to Greg and team on the progress so far.  Keep an eye out for more big news in the future.


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