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27 years old, but still lots of fun

The best part of designing a product is if people can get lots of use/enjoyment/benefit from it.  And, it's very rare that technology products last for 5 or 10 years, let alone 27.

In 1982, John Mracek and I finished the first video game we designed while working at GCC, Phoenix.  It was based on the arcade game and worked on the Atari 2600 Video Game System.

Out of the blue today, I was contacted by someone who just set the world record on Phoenix, 2,344,018 points.  That's an awful lot for a game where you score 100 or 200 points at a time.  Much better than I ever did!

Here's a video of the record holder, ZimmZamm, rolling the score over (scoring more points than the game was designed for and rolling it back to zero again).  What could be better than building something that gives people so much fun?  It's amazing that people still love playing this simple game from so many years ago.



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Funny, but I had a friend last night ask me if I had ever played "Zuma." I had to tell her, "not in about a gazillion years"....and I thought "I" was reaching back, hearing that last night.

I like games that don't hold you locked forever (like Warcraft or SIMS.) Better, I think, to have something you can go to for a short while, enjoy it, and it's over. It would seem ZimmZamm here has a true passion for his game of choice. What tickled me was the enthusiasm and cheer they showed in the video.

You should take pride in being part of the creation, and knowing it continues to give pleasure to people. Isn't that one of those principles that make our work worthwhile?


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