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The value of work

I enjoy the talks on TED.com.  Here's one from Mike Rowe, the host of Dirty Jobs.  He talks about the value of work.  He knows first hand about people who do real, honest to goodness work.  Work with their hands.  The beginning of the talk may gross you out, but carry on if you can.  I like one of his sentiments:  Innovation isn't worth anything without imitation.  It doesn't matter if you invent something if you can't get it built and deployed into the market.  He cites the iPhone -- you had to be smart to design it, and to design all of the components in it.  But, without the people working in the factories, the delivery trucks, etc., you couldn't have one.

I started my work life long ago with menial jobs.  I delivered newspapers.  I worked in a grocery store.  This kind of job made me appreciate the opportunity I had to go to college and work with my mind instead.  But, I've never forgotten the hard work that most people do every day.



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