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Let's see if Doc can really coach

Wow, the Celtics, with their 3 Hall of Famers and essentially the same team that stormed to the championship last year, are in an actual slump.  With tonight's loss to Houston, the Celtics have lost 6 out of their last 8 games.  And, they've lost to teams that are in the bottom of the league (Golden State, NY Knicks, Charlotte), and, tonight, a home game.  Any one or two of these losses wouldn't be much cause for concern.  Even last year's team lost three in a row at one point.

But, the lack of offense is getting to be too significant.  Tonight, they only scored 85 points and only 11 in the fourth quarter.  In most of their losses, they've had trouble getting into the 90s.  And, now this has happened too many times over the past 8 games.

Teams are more fired up to play the Celtics, and the team is facing fierce defense.  So, it's up to Doc Rivers to come up with ways of beating this.  The talent is there, as was proven last year.  So, they may need to mix up the rotation a bit or change some of the approach.  This is one of those moments where coaches earn their pay.

Before last season, many fans thought that Doc Rivers wasn't a very good coach.  Of course, he didn't have enough talent to work with.  Last year, Doc looked like a genius since the team had one of the most consistent seasons that any team ever had and won a championship.  I've generally been favorable about Doc, but now I want to see him step up.  Get the players to commit to doing something new to break this string.  The offense has to improve.  There's too much talent on the team to have so much trouble scoring for so long..

And, he has to hurry.  They play the very strong Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday in Cleveland.


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