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Celtics are back in high gear

I wrote back on January 7th about the slump that the Celtics were in at that time.  I commented that we'd find out if Doc Rivers is really a good coach.  Would he be able to turn them around?

Well, they lost their next game, but they haven't lost since.  I've noticed a significant sense of urgency and really strong defense.  They'be been getting off to great starts and putting teams away quickly.  Also, I think that they'll benefit from the fact that they have a more spread out schedule for the second half of the season.  And, despite their losing seven out of nine slump, they are just slightly behind the Cavaliers and Lakers for the best record in the NBA.  And, the Lakers come to Boston on February 5th.

If you agreed with me that the slump was a test for Doc Rivers, you'd have to say that he passed with flying colors.

I think that the Celtics performance is heavily dependent on Rajon Rondo.  When he plays well, the ball moves a lot, and they get a lot of great shots.  And, their defense is very tough with Rondo ballhawking all the time.  Let's hope he stays consistent through the rest of the season.


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