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Sports Update

My brief take on what's happening with the Patriots and Celtics:

  • The Patriots gutted out a win vs. the Seattle Seahawks yesterday.  The Patriots have had a lot of injuries (so have the Seahawks), but the Patriots remain in the hunt for a playoff spot.  It was a little frustrating watching Seattle move up and down the field during the beginning of that game, but it was very impressive that the Patriots slowed them down for the most part in the second half with only 4 of the defensive starters they had at the start of the season still available (Seymour, Mayo, Vrabel, and Hobbs).  If the Patriots are going to make the playoffs, it probably has to be as a division winner and not as a wild card.  The best would be if the Patriots win their last three games to finish 11-5 and the Jets and Dolphins final game against each other ends in a tie!  This would give the Patriots the division.  Short of that, the Pats need each of them to lose once since the Patriots would probably lose the tiebreakers against both of them if the teams end up with the same record.
  • The Celtics look great.  I think that they're better than last season.  So far, they have matched the fast start from last year.  And, this year, Ray Allen is much more a part of the offense.  It's great to see Ray drive in for those medium range jumpers.  And, I think that Rondo and Perkins have continued to improve.  The Celtics, Cavaliers, and Lakers seem to be far and away the best teams so far this season (and the Celtics have already beaten the Cavs once).  If you like to watch exciting basketball, give yourself and holiday present and watch the Celtics vs. the Lakers at 5 PM on Christmas Day.  I'm sure that the Lakers will have something to prove, and the Celtics should be up to the challenge.


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