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Just Do It!

Please make sure you get out and vote today. I'm heading out to vote now. It's worth wating in line if that's what it takes.

Even if your state is not on the critical path for the Presidential election (what's the chance that McCain will carry Massachusetts?), there are Senate, House, and state offices, as well as ballot questions.  I think that voters are waking up to the fact that all of these matter. 

No surprise to anyone who reads this that I am voting for Obama today.  I think that he has shown through a long campaign that he has the right temperment to be President -- he's intelligent, calm, and reassuring.  But, he can also unite our divided country and lead us out of our current troubled times.  I think that John McCain is a great American leader, but we need someone more in tune with tomorrow than yesterday.  His choice of Palin as VP sealed his fate, I believe.

In Massachusetts, we have three ballot questions.  Question 1 is the most critical.  It would irresponsibly eliminate the state income tax without putting forth any plan on how critical services would be funded in its place.  I am all in favor of making government smaller and more efficient.  And, no one enjoys paying taxes.  However, we don't need chaos.  Assuming that the government will figure out how to move ahead with a huge, sudden revenue cut is crazy.  There are many people who are upset about the loss of services from our recent $1B state budget cut (which was justified).  How many of those people would consider voting yes on 1?  So, unless you hear a plan on how the government would move forward without an income tax, you have to vote No on Question 1 in MA.

Enjoy our democracy today!


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