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Another Globe pickup

Scott Kirsner was kind enough to include an excerpt from my post from last week on the bank bailout in his column today.

I think that a lot of Americans are hopeful about Obama as our next President because we want him to re-look at how we have been doing things for the past eight years.  Today in the Globe, there is an article about the Pentagon saying that their budget is unsustainable.  Hopefully, Obama will include some Republicans in his administration to take advantage of broader points of view and to lower the divisiveness in Washington.  And, in yesterday's paper, it was speculated that due to Obama's broad grass-roots fundraising, he is much less beholden to special interest groups than recent Presidents.

Similarly, I hope that Obama's economic team looks at the bailout, which I reluctantly support.  If we structure the deals properly, it can make money for the tax payer.  As investors of last resort, we should make money before anyone else.  And, that means that we should get paid before dividends are paid out and deferred compensation is paid to executives.

For a historical perspective on some of the challenges that the Republicans face over the next few years, read this excellent OpEd piece from today's Globe, too.


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