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No Matter What, You Gotta Vote

Time is running out to register to vote.  In Massachusetts, you have to be registered by October 15.  In New Hampshire, you can register on Election Day (great!).  With all of the things going on in the world today, this election is certain to be extremely important.  No matter where you come out on the issues, please be sure to register and to vote.  Google has a nice site with voter information here.

So many people decide not to vote for many reasons (apathy, laziness, busy schedule, etc.).  With more and more states offering absentee and early voting options, your schedule on November 4 isn't a viable excuse.  Please be sure to register and vote, and get your friends to do so, too!


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Some Hollywood folks put up a tongue-in-cheek video about this. You'll find it on my blog.

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