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Focus on what really matters

My political biases may be clear to those who read this blog, but I have to admire John McCain for resisting the temptation to roll in the muck with many of his supporters.  "I have to tell you he is a decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared of as president of the United States," McCain said of Obama, much to the consternation of some of his supporters.

I can understand people who want to vote for McCain because they think he will be more fiscally responsible than Barack Obama, or who feel he will do a better job in foreign policy.  I don't necessarily agree, but those are principled positions.  However, when Republican supporters are whipped into a frenzy because they think Obama is an 'Arab', or commits 'treason' or is a 'terrorist', they're just stupid.  I don't like McCain's positions, but I acknowledge that he is patriotic and is advocating what he thinks is the right path.  I'm glad that he's willing to acknowledge the same about Obama.

I think that most Americans are exhausted from the partisan rancor.  We need legitimate discussions of how to deal with all the big issues we face, including the loss of the world's confidence in America.  I think that the best solutions are those that include elements from both sides of the aisle.  With the hatred of the opponent so high, it makes compromise difficult.

When McCain's supporters exhort him to 'take off the gloves', why does that have to be character assassination?  Why can't he rally support around his own proposals and discredit Obama's (without lying, of course)?  If his proposals can't win on their merits, then McCain doesn't deserve to win, either.  And, I feel exactly the same way about Obama.


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free speech and exchange of ideas is at our core and always had been on our college campuses. Interesting read.


agree. worth checking out the rage on both sides and compare to what is reported.

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