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If you share my concern about the government's involvement with our private sector as part of the economic bailout, you should read BailoutSleuth.com.  This is a site that is paid for by Mark Cuban.  Mark is a true maverick since he owns the Dallas Mavericks basketball team.  He also owns the HDNet TV network and was the founder of Broadcast.com, sold to Yahoo for more than $2B during the bubble.

As you can see in the October 17th post on BailoutSleuth, the financial details of what the government is paying Mellon for their role in managing the bailout has been redacted.  This isn't national security, folks.  This is a government contract.  We know how much military contractors charge us for weapons, but we can't find out what we're paying the contractors for the bailout?  In today's post on BailoutSleuth, there are portions of the contracts with PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young that have been redacted.

No matter who wins on November 4th, I hope we get back to a more open and transparent government.  Kudos to Mark Cuban for keeping the focus on how we're spending one of the largest piles of our tax dollars.

Update: I updated this post after publishing it initially to clarify what is referenced from bailoutsleuth.com


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