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They're Better

After one of the greatest comebacks in NBA Finals history, there is no question that the Celtics are better than the Lakers.  It might take 5, 6, or probably not 7 games, but the Celtics have shown that they can win at home, or on the road.  And, I don't think that they've really been playing their best.  But, tonight even that was more than enough to come back against the Lakers.

Credit to Doc Rivers for putting in his small lineup to force the Lakers to spread their defense.  Maybe even some of his doubters will agree that he's done a good job after this one.


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Mike, I hope you enjoyed the game tonight :)

Although I will be cheering for them tonight, if they happen to lose, I won't feel so bad. I've got tickets for Game 6!

Mike, watching this run for the championship as someone who hasn't followed basketball much, I am constantly reminded of my friends who are life-long devoted Celtics fans. I'd hate to see them drop a game with the momentum they're carrying into game 5, but it would be pretty sweet to take that final game at home!

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