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Boston-Power in BusinessWeek.

Boston-Power is featured in the BusinessWeek cover story about American manufacturing.  The overall subject matter of how to reclaim American manufacturing jobs is important, but there are many factors which are beyond the realm of American cost competitiveness.  For example, Boston-Power manufactures laptop batteries.  The company may be able to make these cost effectively in the US, but the rest of the laptop supply chain is in Asia.  So, making laptop batteries in the US would still mean that they would have to be shipped to Asia to have them assembled into battery packs and laptops.  Until more of the supply chain shifts to the US, it doesn't seem likely that laptop batteries will be made here.

However, there are many other applications for batteries where more the supply chain is here, and those would be ideal areas to re-establish some American battery manufacturing capability.

Full disclosure:  I am on the Board of Boston-Power.


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