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Oh yes, the sad memories remain from Super Bowl XLII.  The Patriots lost, dashing their up-to-then perfect season.  I was there, which made the feelings worse.

I have been forcing myself to deal with this.  I now accept the result and can think about the experience.  I am pulling my Super Bowl XLII T-shirts out of the closet and can wear them without too much pain.  I don't think of them as bad luck or representing a bad time.  We've been so spoiled in Patriot Nation that a lot of people think that Super Bowl XLII should be forgotten.

It certainly wasn't as good as the Super Bowls that they won, but it was a great year.  You can't win them all.  And, the team had to work so hard and perform so well just to get there, let alone to get there with an undefeated record.  Adding to the irony was the catch phrase for Super Bowl XLII -- Who Wants It More?

So, as a loyal Pats fan who is following this week's minicamp in preparation for next season, I can smile about last year.  It was a good season, and almost great.  It hurt at the time, but I have finally accepted it for what it was.  A chance for a lot of excitement and enjoyment, until the last 2 minutes...


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