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30 Days in a Wheelchair

One of my favorite TV shows is 30 Days on FX.  It's a documentary show by Morgan Spurlock, in the same vein as his movie, Super Size Me.  On every show, someone sees what it is like to live someone else's life for 30 days.  There have been some excellent episodes, such as the one where Morgan Spurlock spent 30 days living on minimum wage, or the one where someone whose job was outsourced to India went there to try to get his job back.  I like the show because its goal is to break down barriers and increase understanding among people.

This week's episode had former NFL player Ray Crockett spending 30 days in a wheelchair as if he was a paraplegic.  The show is sad, funny, and uplifting.  Here's an excerpt:

Hulu has several full episodes and a bunch of clips from 30 Days.  The full wheelchair episode is not yet posted there, but I imagine it will be soon.


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