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Where does the time go?

Wow, I can't believe another week has gone by.  I have always prided myself on time management.  I consider myself responsive and efficient.  I don't think I've lost that, but the number of things to get done has exploded.  One thing that has suffered has been my regular blogging.  I need to refocus on it as I am not yet ready to give it up.

This is the fun of being an entrepreneur.  You are never done.  When I come home late from work, my kids ask "Why are you home late?  Why couldn't you get your work done on time?"  My kids think that work is like school -- you have some tasks to do and, if you are focused and fairly smart, you can get your tasks done in the allotted time.  Although I don't have a boss these days, my kids assume that someone, or something, is assigning me some amount of work.  And, if i am home late, it must be because they gave me too much work or, perhaps, it took me too long to get it done.

I love the fact that being an entrepreneur means that you are never done.  You are always short on staff and long on work.  Your 'top priorities' still can't get done in a normal day.  Every day is triage, with vicious prioritization required to figure out what to do each day.  It's ever changing and exciting.

Couple that with sales dynamics.  Always prospecting, pitching, following-up, overcoming objections, and closing.  You go where you have to when you have to in order to get the deal done.  When you are making good progress, it's very satisfying.

It's been great starting up a new investment firm.  It couples the investing I love with the entrepreneurship I have missed.  I thought that being a VC would keep me in touch with entrepreneurship, but I think that there is no substitute for being on the firing line yourself.


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