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The issues are the issue

I thought that the long, drawn out Democartic nomination process would be a good thing, but now I am not so sure.  I thought that having the whole country involved, with two closely matched interesting candidates running, would lead to more people paying attention to the election, more careful consideration of the candidates, and higher voter participation.  Certainly, there are more people voting, which has to be a good thing.  Also, the Democrats have an easier time staying in the news, which is probably helpful to them.  But, I think that the nomination race has deteriorated greatly.

I am late to the party on this, but the focus on which fringe religious person support whom and what misstatement each candidate when is a complete waste of time.  I can't believe that a whole hour of the last debate was focused on this.  Who cares?

I liked Hillary's idea of a head-to-head debate with no moderator.  I guess that Obama is not going to do this.  He must feel that he has a lead and doesn't want to give her any openings.  There have been a lot of debates, but much of the country has only been paying attention since February.  Once Super Tuesday didn't end the race, it got a lot more interesting.

Unfortunately, in the last few months, there has been very little discussion of the issues between the candidates.  They had their slightly different views of NAFTA.  They certainly disagree on the usefulness of a federal gasoline tax holiday.   But, they should be talking again about the big issues -- Iraq, the economy, energy policy, healthcare.  That may not be what the press wants to focus on, but that's what the country needs to focus on.

I'd love it if one of the candidates in the last debate told Charlie Gibson "that is a ridiculous question that I am not going to answer.  Can we have a question about the real issues, please?"


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Disagre -- those questions speak to an important issue. The issue is for voters to assess the quality of the "judgement" of who they will entrust to lead the government infrastructure and be commander and chief.

In the case of Obama, his long term relationship needs to be understood. Why would he stay with that church and expose his children the racist rants of that man? Why would have Rev. Wright appointed as his spiritual advisor on his campaign? Whe would he donate $27,500 to the Trinity Church last year and a similar amount the prior two years --- by the way, his only charitable donation on his tax return.

Mr. Obama's judgement is something we must assess.

As for the issues you mention, we know he lines up as the most liberal of the US Senators and it is important to have him defend those positions (many of which are way outside the mainstream).

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