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That's a Hard Foul

I went to the Celtics-Hawks game today to see the Celtics finish up what they should have done a few days ago -- close out the Hawks and move on to face the Cavaliers.

ESPN caught one of the big moments in the game, and I was in the background (on the left, the guy further back in the Celtics green jersey).  It was great to see this photo because they didn't show a replay of this foul at the game, and obviously we didn't have a clear view of how flagrant the foul really was.




















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I thought the foul was just a stupid decision by Williams but don't feel like he intended to injuy Rondo. I'm glad he was able to get up hit the foul shots and Allen hit the 3 to send the message the right way. I also liked KG's hard screen in the back court while C's were comfortably ahead. Bring on LeBron.

I was at the game as well, not as close to the action as yourself, but I caught the entire play. From where I was it looked pretty bad, but seeing it later, I feel that Williams was lucky they didn't show it on the jumbotron during the game. Either way, we gave him the business as he was being escorted out.

The Celtics delivered what I wanted: proof that they hadn't collapsed. After those shaky games in Atlanta, they needed a blowout of this proportion to reset my confidence level. Can't wait for tomorrow night.

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