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Survivors, but not killers

The Celtics did a great job hanging around in their loss to the Pistons last night, but they have yet to show any sort of killer instinct in these playoffs.  I admire their ability to hang in there, even when they weren't shooting well.  They were in that game up until late in the fourth quarter, despite never leading.

When their backs have been up against the wall (Games 5 and 7 vs. Atlanta, Games 5 and 7 vs. Cleveland, Game 3 vs. Detroit), they have come up with great efforts and solid wins.  But, when they have a team down, they haven't been able to deliver the knockout punch (Games 3 and 6 vs. Atlanta, Games 3 and 6 vs. Cleveland, Game 4 vs. Detroit).  In each of these cases, the Celtics had won the previous game and had a chance to end, or virtually end, the series.  In each case, they let their opponent get up off of the mat.

Now, Detroit is a very tough team and would never go down easy.  Maybe this series was destined to go seven games from the start.  And, it's very hard to imagine the Celtics winning both Games 3 and 4 in Detroit.  But, just about every champion has shown the ability to put at least one or two of their opponents out quickly.  It's possible that the Celtics could win the championship with 4 seven game series wins.  But, that's certainly the hard way.


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