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I couldn't have said it better

While I have had a busy week, the Celtics have been making a lot of people nervous.  They lost Game 4 to the Atlanta Hawks, dropping the series to a 2-2 tie.  Then, back in Boston, they had another strong game to take a 3-2 lead.  Let's hope they can finish them off tonight down in Atlanta.  The Celtics didn't have trouble winning on the road this season, but they haven't done it yet this series.

As an old-time Boston resident, I have always enjoyed reading Bob Ryan's column in the Globe.  He also has a blog with some nice added content.  I wish I had time to write some of the things he did this past week, but I couldn't have done it as well anyway.

First, after the Celtics lost to the Hawks to drop the series into a tie:  Don't Panic

Second, after the Celtics regained the series lead: Told Ya So

Now, if they lose tonight to force a Game 7 (which I'll attend), I'll be back out on the ledge.  It shouldn't get this far.  After not being disappointed in the Celtics all season, evern after any of their 16 rare losses, I wsa pretty disappointed when they lost a 10 point lead late in Game 4.  Let's hope that this is the wake up call that they need to keep them focused for the rest of the playoffs.


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