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Curse Averted

According to ESPN, the Yankees have unearthed the buried David Ortiz jersey that was supposed to curse the new Yankee Stadium that will open next year.  The construction worker, a Red Sox fan, was too excited about his potential curse and couldn't keep his mouth shut.  He should have waited a few years and then said something, making it harder to find.  Maybe this uncursing of the curse will curse the Red Sox?

I know that my Red Sox-loving friends will squawk, but I do think that the Red Sox fans lack some class.  This may sound like sour grapes from a Yankee fan, but despite the intense rivalry, you never hear 'Red Sox Suck' at Yankee Stadium.  If you tried to sell or wear or shirt that said that at Yankee Stadium, you would be kicked out.  Outside Fenway, vendors sell shirts that have really vulgur anti-Yankee sayings that are clearly not family friendly.  How do I explain 'Posada Sucks and Jeter Swallows' to my 10 year-old kid?

Yesterday, when the Yankees took a lead vs. the Red Sox, the cries of "Yankees Suck" immediately went out in Fenway.  The Red Sox ended up winning a close game, but the Red Sox fans need to show more class.  When they were the loveable losers for 86 years, I could understand the frustration.  But, now they are the recent winners and have outperformed the Yankees this century.  Perhaps they should adopt the class that Yankee fans have shown for some time.

Now, I know that Yankee fans can be obnoxious.  They love their team and think that they are great.  They root against the Red Sox and reveled in the 86-year curse.  They will boo their heads off.  But, that's a lot different than yelling "Yankees Suck" at the ballpark (not something I want my kids to mimic).  Or, yelling "Yankees Suck" at football and basketball games vs. NY teams (which I have heard). 

I was proud of Joe Torrre and the Yankees at the Red Sox home opener in 2005.  They all stayed in the dugout to watch the Red Sox get their rings, which came after the huge Yankees collapse of 2004.  They even clapped for the Red Sox.  I'd like to think that the Red Sox players would have done the same if the situation was reversed.  I really doubt that the Red Sox fans would have been able to handle it.

Get over the frustration.  Your curse is over.  Act like classy winners.


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If you check out this video from The Daily Show:


you'll see that the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry even spilled over to the Pope's visit. Shame on you, Manny!

OK, I guess I usually sit in the good seats with the civilized people. Several commenters have told me that they have been harrassed as Red Sox fans in Yankee Stadium. I now think that all the fans are classless.

And, at Yankee Stadium I haven't heard that kind of mass, organized (and I think, classless) vulgur cheering.

Sorry to break it to you, Mike, but jerks abound everywhere:



I agree about the "Yankees Suck" chants. They are beyond moronic and most of the Sox fans I know not only don't participate in them but actively try to stop others from doing so as well.

I was in the bleachers Friday night and there was only one Yankees fan in our section. We all engaged in some good natured ribbing but the Yankees fan won our respect when after Giambi's homerun (which landed five feet in front of us) he leaped up and started an "Hgh....Hgh..." chant.

I'm as hard core a Sox fan as there is. I can't ever remember not being one. But some people take these rivalries way too seriously. You would think that seeing kids from the Jimmy Fund at the park so regularly would remind people of this, but it rarely does.

As mentioned above, there is a minority of morons on both sides of this fence.

I didn't intend to generalize about all fans. Of course, there are reasonable Red Sox and Yankee fans. And there are obnoxious fans of both, too. And, a St. Patricks Day Parade in NY is guaranteed to bring out the most obnoxious.

When I have been at Fenway and at Yankee Stadium, I haven't witnessed much direct, personal rude behavior by either side. Of course, there is good natured ribbing and jeering. Sports wouldn't be much fun without that. My comments were more about the broad acceptance of chanting 'Yankees Suck' at Fenway. You could hear it last night before the first pitch on TV. Maybe I am drawing a fine distinction, but I wouldn't care if my kid booed. However, I wouldn't want them yelling 'Red Sox Suck'. And, at Yankee Stadium I haven't heard that kind of mass, organized (and I think, classless) vulgur cheering. And, I have seen Yankee Stadium ushers tell rude fans to tone it down, something I have never seen at Fenway.

Go Yankees!



Just a quick story for you. I am from Boston and recently marched in the NY St. Patricks Day Parade. I, regretfully, wore a Red Sox hat. During the parade I was constantly screamed at. At one particular stop in the parade I was berated for a good five minutes by a group of New Yorkers. I heard comments such as "Get out of our parade", "You're just a Boston cocksucker", "You're fucking Pathetic", and much more I blocked out. Now, I was marching with a reputable college and decided to ignore their remarks and not bring anymore attention to myself. I simply left them with a "Happy St. Paddy's Day", to which the response was a "Boston sucks" chant. You would hope that on such a family oriented day, with many families present someone would say something, however,, many spectators were simply laughing at these fools, no one willing to say anything. The only person willing to talk to me was a man from Worcester, MA who simply said, "Ha, Yankees fans can tell you all day long they don't care about Boston, but always seemed otherwise to me". I was truly embarrassed not only for myself but for those marching. So, please, before you write a story calling all Boston fans "classless" because of the actions of one, please take a look at your own fans.I very easily could have made a big deal about this incident (and others I have experienced at Yankee Stadium, but have not). Oh yeah, I was also at the South Boston St. Patrick's Day parade where a member of a band wore a Yankees hat and I did not hear anyone commenting on his choice of head wear.


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