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Beauty and the Geek -- relief!

Man, am I relieved.  As I wrote earlier, my next-door neighbor, Jim Babcock, has been on Beauty and the Geek.  If by some chance you are watching this show and didn't see the episode tonight, April 1, read no further.  I am going to reveal the outcome...

OK, spoiler alert is over.

Although we wanted Jim to make it as far as possible, I am glad that he was eliminated tonight.  Watching this show is painful.  I've never watched a reality show before.  I can understand how people get sucked in, but the 'reality' is so staged.  This isn't real.  Real is turning this stuff off and doing something yourself rather than watch other people engage in staged competitions.  When I see Jim, I'm going to ask him how much of the interactions were staged.  But, it certainly didn't seem real to me.  Or, even close.

Sadly, my daughter really wants to watch the series through to the end...



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