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Guilty of Relaxation

For the first time in years, I took the Acela to New York City from Boston today.  I had to get down to NY for some early meetings and get back to Boston in time for a Board dinner.  Long day.
But, traveling on Acela was a breeze.  I strongly recommend it for anyone going to NY on business, particularly if you live in Boston or near the station in Westwood.  I don’t live near either, and I still thought it was a good trip.

I was on the 5:20 AM train from Back Bay Station.  Being used to arriving early before flights, I got to the station at 4:45 AM (after parking my car).  I was too early.  The station was locked!  There is no need to get there that early.  They opened the station at 5 AM, plenty of time for everyone to get on the 5:20 AM train.  Next time I’ll get the extra 15 minutes of sleep.

The ride itself was incredibly pleasant.  After being harried on so many shuttle flights and scrambling between planes, taxis, and traffic, I almost felt guilty just sitting at my seat, snacking on a bagel and coffee, and catching up on my email.  My laptop was plugged into the outlet, and the Verizon broadband wireless was doing a decent job keeping me connected.  I happened to see an old friend on the train, and we had a nice chat.  The 3 ½ hours passed pretty quickly as we were comfortable and productive.  Door to door, from my house to the parking garage to the train station to Penn Station in NY was 4 hours and 45 minutes.  That’s probably about 30-45 minutes longer than a typical trip to the airport for the shuttle, depending on traffic to Logan and from La Guardia to midtown Manhattan.

Even with the extra time, it was worth it.  I got a lot done, much more than I could do on a plane trip.  And, I arrived very relaxed, rather than stressed out.  As I said, I almost felt guilty enjoying the travel.  Business travel isn’t usually like that!


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