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Good example of bootstrapping

My good friend, Stacy Swider, has started another company, Talkphoria.  Stacy is co-founder of GateRocket, a company I have been advising since its inception.

Talkphoria is starting out in the best way a company can.  Stacy saw a market opportunity from her own life.  She's an avid reader and a member of a book group, along with a bunch of other suburban moms.  But, moms are busy these days and have varying interests.  It's hard sometimes to get everyone together in person and to agree on what books to read.  So, Stacy had the idea of hosting virtual bookgroups at Talkphoria.  Hosts post the books they are reading and set times for conference calls.  The conference calls are hosted by a third party provider at a very low cost (each caller pays).  Visitors to the site browse for books they are interested in discussion and join the calls they are interested in.

Like all new consumer-oriented start-ups, you have to work hard to get the word out.  Stacy is exploring many types of partnerships to get some exposure.  Who knows how big this can be?  But, I love the entrepreneurial spirit that sees an opportunity and is willing to pull this together on her own time and money (not a lot of money so far). 

You can follow Stacy's progress on her blog.  As Stacy is juggling multiple jobs (mother, wife, entrepreneur), you get a flavor of all of this on her blog.


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