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Do you subscribe to your own RSS feed?

If you are reading this, you probably read other blogs, too.  If not, I'm very honored.  But, you probably also read these blogs via RSS feeds and a feed reader.  I use Newsgator.  It's how I read the 100+ blogs I keep an eye on.  And, it is available for free on the Web, on your mobile phone, and in Outlook.

One of the blogs I read has had its RSS feed go haywire more than once.  There are re-postings of old entries.  The latest problem is the worst -- every post on the blog gets re-fed every few hours.  I finally dropped the author an email to let him know.  But, he shouldn't have had to hear from me before he knew about this.

I subscribe to my own RSS feed.  Not so I can read my own pearls of wisdom (which are very few).  But, so I can make sure that my reader experience is good.  I get a sense of how the graphics come through on the feed.  I see that embedded videos do not (so I always provide a plain link to anything I embed).  And, if it goes berzerk, I'll be one of the first to know.  By the way, my RSS feed is hosted by Feedburner (now owned by Google).  I've been very happy with them, too.


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