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The End of an Ice Cream Era?


One thing that kept my spirits up during tough days at MIT was walking up Mass Ave to Toscanini's ice cream.  As the New York Times said, it's the "best ice cream in the world".  They have unique flavors.  I loved the Belgian Chocolate and Hazelnut.  The ice cream was smooth and very flavorful.  The inside was funky and fit in perfectly in a college scene.

They also sold ice cream at Whole Foods and other local supermarkets. 

Unfortunately, it appears that the state has shut down Toscanini's due to non-payment of taxes.  The Globe also has an article on this with more details.  The Globe article was more pessimistic about Toscanini's re-opening, but hopefully the Bostonist is more accurate.

I hope Toscanini's stays in business.  The guy may not know how to run his business well, but he makes some damn good ice cream.


Updated 1/19/2008 with correct link to Globe article.


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Thanks for the updated link. I ammended the post with it. The link I got from the Globe search didn't work, nor did the link from browsing the site at the time. They must have fixed this. Thanks again! I hope that they find a way to keep making great ice cream.

Looks like the link is not correct... should be:

Great article!

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