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Today I updated my bio to include our new investment firm, Sempre Management.  Although we are still somewhat stealthy, we are starting the formal process of raising money.  No web site yet.

My partners and I are not going to be doing typical venture capital investing, but we intend to create value as VCs do, through direct action.  We'll do this in investment segments that are much less served than venture capital, and in a market segment that is inefficient -- prices don't always match inherent value.  More details to follow.

Why Sempre?  Here's our definition:

Sempre  (sĕm'prā) adv. Music.    Always. Without varying. In the same manner throughout. To perform in a consistent manner.

We like Sempre because it connotes steadiness and consistency, performance we strive for.

As our strategy becomes more widely known, I'll steer the investment focus of this blog to line up with Sempre's focus.  But, I continue to be interested in entrepreneurship and will still comment on the VC and entrepreneurship space, particularly in the Boston area.


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just read the update on your LinkedIn profile and clicked through to your blog. congrats on the new venture! Look forward to hearing more news soon.

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