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Just Getting Started

Although Hillary is not my first choice for President, I am thrilled that she won the NH Primary yesterday.  I don't want the process to be over before it gets started.  I think that voters are just starting to pay attention, and it's good that neither party's nomination is wrapped up.  Let's at least get through Super Tuesday on February 5 before any of the top 2-3 Democrats and top 3-5 Republicans drop out.

There has been an interesting side-effect from the early starting Presidential campaign.  The candidates had lots of time to raise money, build an organization and generate interest.  Then, there is a hard sprint for four weeks from Iowa through Super Tuesday.  That's when the voters are just starting to watch the race and make decisions.  A lot of voters in NH decided yesterday who they were going to vote for.

I couldn't believe that the pundits were speculating that Hillary would have to drop out if she didn't win NH.  Yes, Obama would have had momentum, but Hillary still has plenty of money and a strong organization with broad support.  If she had lost to Obama, she'd have to make a comeback, but only two small states would have voted.  She certainly would have carried on through Super Tuesday.  By then ~30 states will have voted, and the race should be winnowed down.

I'd love to have split races through the Conventions.  I think it would be great political theater and may captivate more voters.  It may get very negative, but I think that we would really get to understand the candidates with some small scale, more detailed debates.  I hope that some intrigue would get voters more interested and get people to turn out.  If that happens, and two inspiring candidates emerge, we may get an interesting election with high turnout.

Call me an optimist, but I think we could have an election that could be interesting and end up being good for the country.


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