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Good2gether launches

I've written about Good2gether a few times before.  Tomorrow is their offical launch at DEMO.  If you check out their web site, you can see all the official positioning.  I really like what Greg is doing.  He developed the concept by talking to all of his potential partners, then partnered with a great development team to get the initial implementation done.  He's raised enough money to get the company launched, but he's been frugal about spending it.  He's done everything right.  And, he's a tireless traveler, building partnerships across the country.

It's great to see all the traction he has with large media properties and non-profits.  I think that good2gether will really change how non-profits communicate with their constituents, and will also provide another significant source of revenue to the large local web sites.

Greg spent a long time developing his business model so that everyone wins.  The non-profits get exposure on large local web sites which have reach that the non-profits couldn't get on their own.  And, at no cost.  The media properties get unique local content that will engage users and get sponsorship revenue from large consumer brands who want to be associated with Doing Good.  And, these brands get the halo effect from associating with good causes, but also get a way to connect with consumers and tie their brand and promotion to the users interests and activities.  There is no direct competition today, and no one 'loses' if good2gether succeeds.

There's a lot of execution ahead for good2gether.  But, this is an exciting start.


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