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Perfect Storm

Big snowstorm in Boston yesterday.  The snow started falling around Noon.  By 1 PM there was such a mass exodus from work that traffic was snarled everywhere.  In our office in Waltham, we can see the driveway down to Winter Street and the road around the reservoir.  Traffic was backed up from Route 95 all the way around the reservoir and well up the driveway into the Bay Colony Office Park.  People sat on that driveway for hours waiting to get out.  Not sure why.  If it was me, I would have turned around and gone back inside.

We had visitors from out of town in our office, so we decided to keep working with them and wait out the traffic jam.  Our visitors had their return flight cancelled, so they were going to stay over in Waltham.  We worked and waited, but the traffic jam on Winter Street never abated.  Cars waited so long in traffic that they ran out of gas.

Most of the people from our group left around 9, but the traffic still seemed bad to me.  I waited until 10 PM, and then headed home.  Other than dodging abandoned cars in the road that had run out of gas, I made it home in 30 minutes.  Then, of course, I got stuck in my driveway which hadn't yet been plowed.  After waking up my wife and enlisting her help, our snow plow guy came by.  They were nice enough to help get me unstuck and then plowed our driveway.  If you live near Bedford, MA, I'd definitely recommend Anderson Associates for driveway plowing.  They were real helpful!


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