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LinkedIn Opens Up

As reported on Techcrunch and elsewhere, LinkedIn is opening up their site with an API to let developers add applications to this professional social network.

I use LinkedIn all the time.  It is an essential tool for entrepreneurs and VCs.  There is so much critical mass with LinkedIn that you have to mine it for contacts and connections.  I have recruited people for management teams and done extensive diligence on people by using my LinkedIn network.

Now that LinkedIn is opening up their social network with an API, I expect that there will be more interesting applications that can leverage my professional network.  I just hope that they keep their business focus.  They shouldn't try to follow Facebook down the social path.  I think that a lot of professional people are confused about why they might want to join Facebook.  I still think that it is more interesting than really professionally useful.  But, LinkedIn has real professional value.  And, that value will get unlocked with a good API and additional applications.


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