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Do you believe Roger?

Roger Clemens has posted his own video denying he ever used steroids or human growth hormone.  He will also be interviewed by Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes after Christmas.

I'd love to believe Roger, but I have become conditioned to believe that most athletes lie about these things.  I do think that the best thing Roger can do is face all the questions, and no guilty person has ever enjoyed being interviewed by Mike Wallace.  I think that Roger is one of the best pitchers of all-time, and, with or without performance enhancing drugs, is a well-known workout maniac.  Roger is probably at the end of the line, but his career baseball numbers are staggering.

If Roger is lying about this, his reputation is even more ruined than it is by the allegations.  If he's guilty, should he admit it and ask for forgiveness?  Or, should he deny it until he has no other option?  Of course, if he's innocent, he can deny and deny, and people will always suspect that he's guilty after all.  How can he prove that he never used performance enhancing drugs?  Maybe he can get his accusers to admit that they lied, but then they would be subject to prison time themselves.

My 14-year old son was really disappointed when Clemens was named in the Mitchell Report.  He's grown up in an era of sports disillusionment, compared to my childhood where ignorance of my hero's foibles was fine with me.

I'll watch Roger's interview on 60 Minutes.  Maybe Roger can regain his hero status, but it will be tough.


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