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Thinking Big

Scott Kirsner wrote a great post on an event last night on Thinking Big in Massachusetts.  Getting these big companies to stay anchored in Massachusetts is critical for long-term economic development.  We need some new companies that have the potential to become the next wave of these 'anchor tenant' companies.

Getting this to happen requires a combination of great ideas, great entrepreneurs who are willing to go for the big win and put at risk a more modest win for themselves, and VCs who have the guts to also go for the big win rather than a more sure M&A exit.  But, it starts with an idea for a new market segment that can be based here.  These new companies need an ecosystem around them of smaller companies that they can partner with and probably acquire, building up a center of excellence in the Boston area.

Perhaps the energy sector is one where this can happen.  Or, maybe someone out there has a better idea...


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