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Celtics - Wow!

I went to the Celtics-Nuggets game last night.  The Celtics won by 26, and the game wasn't really that close.  Check out the video at the link above (no way to embed, unfortunately).  You'll see some great passing and an unselfish team.  The Celtics were up by 41 in the 3rd quarter (91-50), and stopped playing hard from then on.  The Celtics scrubs looked pretty sloppy, but the 9-man rotation is very solid.

What I liked the most was that the big players, although they haven't been together long, are really playing well together on offsense and defense.  I always knew that Kevin Garnett was great, but it's hard for me to imagine that some other player today is better than KG.  He is tall, athletic, fast, a great rebounder, great defender, a scorer, a passer, and very high-energy.  He was talking constructively to his teammates throughout the game.  He didn't forgive himself for messing up a play before he came out of the game, even though he had great numbers and the win was in hand.

My last few years of being a Celtic season ticket holder are paying off.  This is going to be a very, very good team.  I love the chemistry I saw on the court.  Let's hope they all stay healthy.


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