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The Pats and Running Up The Score

In the wake of the Patriots 8-0 start and their 52-7 whomping of the Redskins, there has been a lot written about the Patriots running up the score on their opponents.  Luckily, most NFL coaches don't think that this is an issue.  And, neither do I.

NFL players aren't in the business if making sure that the other teams avoid hurt feelings.  It's football.  If you don't like what the other team is doing, stop them.  Most people wouldn't think it was an issue at all if a defense goes for a shutout, even a 52-0 shutout.  So, why shouldn't an offense try to keep the ball and help the defense get a shutout?  Also, there are always players whose names aren't Brady or Moss who are trying to show the coaches what they can do or trying to earn a better contract in the future.  It's not fair to them to ask them to 'go easy.'

The Patriots have a chip on their collective shoulder this year.  They were stupidly caught videotaping when they shouldn't have.  This led some people to call them cheaters, rather than just being arrogant.  All that has done is motivate them to prove to everyone that they can win just fine without any videotapes.  And, they are instilling some fear in their opponents. 

I say they should pile it on as long as they can.  If someone can beat them, then they should beat them by as much as possible.  That's professional sports.  For a couple of games, the Patriots let up on their opponents, particularly against the Dolphins.  The Patriots defensive coordinator, Dean Pees, said that he wanted the team to learn to 'step on the throat' of the opponent when they have them down.  After giving up a big lead to the Colts in last year's AFC Championship game, you'd think that the Patriots would be mindful of extending leads.

This year, they definitely get it.  Good news for the gamblers who take the Patriots, giving up the points.


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