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Quick Hits - Entrepreneurship and Otherwise

Trying to catch up on a week that zoomed by without any blogging.  Just some quick thoughts.

  1. Brad Feld wrote about an Op Ed piece in the New York Times written by Stephen Colbert (sitting in for Maureen Dowd).  If you like Colbert, you'll love this.
  2. Scott Kirsner has a nice list of upcoming events that entrepreneurs and bloggers should be aware of.  I'll be at the Tech Blogs event next week.
  3. Scott also had an interesting column in this Sunday's Globe about the interplay between Maven Networks and Brightcove.  He blogged about it, too, with an added video.  This is an interesting take on the competitive dynamics that take place in the VC/entrepreneur world.  Expertise in one market segment also leads to competition -- if you want someone on your board who knows a particular space, you have to accept the fact that they may compete with you some day, too.  I think that we are much less comfortable with this in the East Coast than in Silicon Valley.  There, people are less paranoid about competitive conflict of interest.  My take on this is that you have to expect people to be ethical and to protect your confidential information.  But, you gain more by having experts involved in your business than you lose by having them be fully aware of your business when they go to compete with you.  But, it's uncomfortable, without question.
  4. Note that Bijan Sabet blogged about getting rid of non-compete agreements a couple of weeks ago.  Very relevant to the point above.  I think that this makes sense for a lot of employees, but VCs won't start doing it until everyone else does.  Why should I free up my employees from non-compete agreements if other VCs are going to enforce theirs?  But, I hope Bijan starts taking the lead on this and rips up the non-competes at his companies.
  5. There's been a lot written lately about VCs and blogging.  A lot of VCs believe that their ideas and deal flow is very proprietary.  Fred Wilson thinks exactly the opposite.
  6. Last one for today:  If you are not a techie and have always wondered what all these gigabits and megabits mean or don't know your bandwidth from band-aids, you may want to read this primer by Tom Evslin.


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