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Get Introduced

In my last post about early-stage VCs in the Boston area, I suggested that entrepreneurs get introduced to the funds I mentioned.  This does not mean cold-call them (although I am sure that some of you will).

I am always much more impressed with someone who networks their way to me rather than gives me a cold call.  I'll listen to a cold call, but I am biased negatively before I hear the pitch.  However, someone who has found a way to get introduced to me shows that they can build relationships that will help their company, a key ingredient of entrepreneurial success. 

So, leverage the bios that people put on the Web, leverage LinkedIn, and leverage your own network.  Find a way to get an introduction from a trusted contact to the people you need to meet.  You'll get a much better reception.


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I think that it works much better to get introduced via a mutual friend or colleague. Any kind of cold contact has a higher chance of being ignored or sending the wrong impression. At least if that is done via LinkedIn, the recipient can check out the sender's background. But, I always feel more interested in a contact that is introduced to me by someone I know and trust.



When using LinkedIn, does it work effectively if you go via a mutual friend/colleague. What if you e-mail someone directly on LinkedIn? Is that just as ineffective as a cold call?

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