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Brad Feld on Staying Organized

Brad Feld had a nice post today on Staying Organized.  I admire how disciplined Brad is.  That's one of the keys to staying organized.  I wrote a couple of posts long ago (here and here).  There is a lot in common between my thoughts and Brad's.

As I re-read all of this today, it struck me that discipline is really the key.  Most people can't be as disciplined as Brad is.  I think you have to start small and find the level of structure that you are comfortable with.

If you are still reading this after reading the posts I linked to, perhaps there is some time management or organizational issue that is bugging you.  I'd suggest finding the one fundamental task you need to get to and make sure you get that done.  Schedule an appointment with yourself and put it in your calendar.  Don't let yourself get interrupted by the phone or email (unless your goal is to get caught up on email).  But, don't spend more than one hour of focused effort in trying to do this task.  You don't want to torture yourself.

I have always found that when I finally get a long overdue task done, it feels great.  So, give yourself a chance to feel great about getting that nagging task done.  Like so many things, breaking down the big problem into a small one is the first step to making progress.


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