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Tough time dealing with a VC?

Once again, Ask The VC has a great post on the VC business.  This one is Why are Venture Capitalists So Hard to Deal With?  I direct people to Ask The VC all the time as I think it is a great resource.  I also like the model of submitting questions to be answered by the authors.  If you have a question about venture capital, ask them!

One additional comment I have on the content of this post is that VCs often behave badly because entrepreneurs let them get away with it.  If you behave like a jerk and entrepreneurs continue to come see you with new business ideas, then you get positive reinforcement on behaving like a jerk.  So, check the reputations of the VCs you want to approach and avoid those that are hard to deal with.  Check out The Funded for more (probably biased) feedback on how VCs treat entrepreneurs.


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